Week 5 of 1/2 Training 2.0

One of these days I’m actually going to do ALL of the workouts in the training plan.

Sunday 7/20 – 3mi Easy – 3.04, 31:02, pace 10:12
We had plans to eat out for my dad’s birthday, so I took John to the pond path to make-up for not going to Flying Angels practice. Noel had a sprint tri this morning, and he met us and ran the last two miles. Mark chased us on his bike. A great active morning with the family!

Monday 7/21 – 7mi Easy – 5.0, 50:56, pace 10:10 – 800yd swim
I was supposed to do 7 miles, but we only had an hour in the kidzone and I really wanted to get a swim in as well. Noel and I did 5 easy miles on the treadmill and then hit the indoor lap pool. I did the 800yd endurance workout I found on BeginnerTriathlete.com. I felt strong in the pool, which is a very good change for me!

Tuesday 7/22 – Speedwork – 3.6, 37:07, pace 10:18
It was HOT, so we did some shorter speedwork. Coach told us to do 300 hard and 200 easy. I was in group 2, so I did 10. It was so hot that I ended up walking most of the recoveries, which is reflected in my pace. The 300s were done around an 8:30 pace.

Wednesday 7/23 and Thursday 7/24 – Rest
I skipped the 4 mile run on Thursday because I was sore from our Wednesday waterpark adventures!

Friday 7/25 – 7mi Long Run – 4.88, 56:00, pace 11:28
Noel wanted to run outside, so we got my grandparents to play with the boys while we headed into the city where I run most often. It was a cool 84 when we started, but it quickly got into the 90s. My fingers started to well…a sure sign of dehydration for me. And Noel was fighting allergies, so we cut short.

Saturday 7/26 – Rest (Oops!) – 12.6mi Bike, 50:00, 15.1mph and 3.1mi Run, 29:00, 9:22 pace
I definitely made up for shortening the long run yesterday. We rode the triathlon course. I figured out where all the hills are and figured out what gears I’ll probably need to get into. I put my bike on the rack when we got back to the water park and headed off on a 5K run on the course. I ended up going too far and had to walk half a mile back to the car. My poor belly is SUNBURNED between this workout and the water park last week. I’m not used to wearing a bikini and having to put sunscreen on my belly.

Week One Totals:
Run: 19.62 miles
Bike: 12.6 miles
Swim: 0.45 miles
Total:  32.67 miles (Solid week!)

This week I go back to my regular work schedule, which should make it easier to get all my workouts in. Noel and I sat down yesterday and mapped out our entire week…workouts, boys’ activities, meal plan…the whole nine yards. If we can stick to it, the week will go smoothly. Bring it on!

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