Week 3 of 1/2 Training 2.0

The SICK continued into week 3, so I took more time off than I wanted. I will say that I am sick a lot less now that I’m running. Running seems to cure a lot of my ailments. My body is stronger. But this upper respiratory garbage really did a number on me.

Here’s week 3’s summary:

Sunday 7/13 – XT
I should have made this a rest day, but I really wanted to ride my bike. I did 10 miles in an out and back to the high school. The first 5 were easy because my legs were still sleepy from the Titan 10K, but then I pushed it on the back half and averaged 15mph.

Monday 7/14 – 6 miles and OWS
Not sure a two-a-day was the greatest idea, but then endurance athletes aren’t known for their great ideas sometimes. I did 6 tough miles at the gym, first five on the TM and the last mile on the track. My body just didn’t want to run. That evening we went to a park with a big pond for an open water swim sponsored by Noel’s tri club. It was my first time swimming in lake water since I was a kid. It went well.

Tuesday 7/15 – REST
I woke feeling like absolute garbage. I took the day off work even.

Wednesday 7/16 – REST
We celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss. We had planned on a 9 mile bike ride or a 9 mile run. My body said NO.

Thursday 7/17 – REST
More like restless.

Friday 7/18 – REST
Noel went on a long bike ride instead of his long run. I had every intention to go on my long run when he got home. I was fully dressed in run clothes and my stomach revolted against me. DUMB SNOT!

Saturday 7/19 – 7 miles
I got my long run in. Not the 8 on the training plan, but I got 7 in before my stomach got unhappy. Under a 10min/mile pace. Big gains!

This week is a maintenance week. I’m hoping to get in at least two bikes and two swims too. My first triathlon is coming up August 3rd and I signed up for a second one on August 23rd.

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