Week 2 of 1/2 Training 2.0

Another week gone by, another week with only two blog posts. Oh well. I’m still doing better than I have in years past when I attempted a public blog.

Week 2 was a bit tougher. I missed a workout due to SICK! Starting Thursday afternoon, I started to feel tired. I chalked it up to my monthly visitor and a long week at work, but by the time I got home from work it was clear it was not just tiredness. I had a very sore throat that radiated into my ears. I was running a low fever. And I was bummed because we had a 10K on Saturday and I had a BIG PR planned. I headed straight to the doctor on Friday, got a z-pack, and spent the rest of the day laying in bed. I was feeling better by bedtime, so I figured I would get up and go to the 10K and see how I felt. I’ll leave you in suspense for the race report, but it’s another goodie!

Week 2 Summary…

Sunday 7/6 – Rest
I deserved a rest day after the mini triathlon Noel and I did on Saturday. I wasn’t even tempted to run at John’s run practice that evening. I even wore run clothes just in case, but chatting with other parents on the sidelines was much more appealing.

Monday 7/7 – Easy 5mi
It was supposed to be an easy 5 miles, which Noel and I opted to do at the Y on treadmills so the boys could play in the kidzone. I have a hard time with easy runs on the treadmill because I’m tempted with the buttons. I turned the 5 miles into an “easy” progressive tempo, ramping up the pace .2mph every mile with a quarter mile recovery at 5.0mph in between. I did the last quarter mile at 7.0mph to practice my kick. I can’t believe I’m finally using those numbers on the TM. I thought I would be forever stuck in the 5s!

Tuesday 7/8 – Speedwork
Tough workout at track practice. We did 400s and instead of splitting us into three groups, he just split us into two. Group 1 did started every 3 minutes and group 2 started every 4 minutes. I wanted to try and keep my 400s under 2 minutes, which I managed to do with group one for the first six. Only having a 1 minute recovery started to wear on me and I started to get that pukey feeling so I dropped back down with group two. I did 11×400, including a 1/2 mile warm up at an overal 7:54 pace. PRETTY DARN GOOD for me!

Wednesday 7/9 – Rest
I wanted to squeeze a bike ride or a swim in, but it just didn’t happen. We took the boys to the wildlife park instead.

Thursday 7/10 – Rest
This was a scheduled rest day that turned into a sick day.

Friday 7/11 – SICK

Saturday 7/12 – Titan 10K
Titan 10K. Time 1:01:24. Yeah…that’s a PR. More on that tomorrow or Wednesday!

Week 3 is a ramp up week. We’re about to head out for 6 mile Monday run. I’m going to try and take it super easy. Probably my first 10+ min/mile pace in a while. My ankles, shins, and calves are sore, so I’m rocking the calf sleeves today!

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