Week 1 of 1/2 Training 2.0

Here I thought that starting a training plan would encourage me to blog more, but it’s almost been another week without a blog post. I have all these post ideas floating around in my head…so many things to share with all of you about running.

Anyway…here’s a summary of Week 1 of Half Marathon Training Version 2.0!

Sunday 6/29 – 3mi Easy
On Mom’s treadmill. Pace 9:54

Monday 6/30 – 5mi Easy and a swimmy
First big success eliminating run/walk! Pace 9:54. I also threw in a swim this day. I did my first 300yards without stopping, with a total workout of 600yards.

Tuesday 7/1 – Speedwork
We did a ladder workout. 200, 300, 600, 300, 200. And then we did a 10 minute threshold. I went back and looked and on 5/27, we did a 10min run and I made it 1.07miles. This week, I made it 1.13miles and felt stronger, almost like I could have pushed it a bit harder. 2.68 miles. 8:18 pace.

Wednesday 7/2 – XT – BIKE! and BRICK!
One of my goals was to actually do XTing. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue anymore. I am IN LOVE with riding my bike. (FINALLY!) I ditched my bike shorts and just rode in my beloved UA 7″ compression shorts. And my butt didn’t hurt! I guess it’s true that a good bike fit and a seat that’s the right size for your sit bones will feel just right without any padding. I rode 15.6 miles at a 15mph average. 13.6 of those were done with Noel at my side. It’s fun riding bikes with my guy. I did a 1.4 mile run off the bike just for the heck of it. I like bricks and it’s always good to practice leg turnover after a bike ride.

Here’s me and my pretty bike. And yes, I have purple BMX pedals on her because my clutsy self cannot handle clipless.

Thursday 7/3 – REST

Friday 7/4 – RACE!
My mom and dad kept the boys overnight so that we could get up and run the Derby Firecracker 4 mile. I’ll write a race report this week. Let’s just say it was an AWESOME race…probably my best yet. I’ll leave you in suspense until I write up the report. Note: this was supposed to be a 6 mile long run, but after the race, I wasn’t in the mood to run another 2 miles and I had 4th of July preparations to do at home.

Saturday 7/5 – XT – Swim/Bike/Run
I am truly having a triathlete summer. I am really starting to like this whole swim/bike/run thing. I won’t go so far as to say I’m becoming a full convert. I’m still a runner, just a runner with a developing triathlete hobby. Noel and I did a mini triathlon, practicing transitions. I swan 700m, including 400m without stopping. This is a big deal because it was in the 50m pool that I’ll do my actual triathlon in. I timed myself and did it in 11:13. I’d like to get closer to that 10 minute mark. Then we rode 10 slow, easy miles on our bikes. And then we did a quick 1 mile run off the bike at a 9:15 pace. Overall a really good workout. My tan got a bit darker.

My double Garmin tan (Vivofit and 220) is EPIC!

Week One Totals:
Run: 14.12 miles
Bike: 25.7 miles
Swim: 0.78 miles
Total: 40.6 miles (Big week!)

Week 2 should be interesting. The long run is 7 miles and scheduled for Friday, but we went and signed up for another race for Saturday, a 10K. We are suckers for a good race shirt. Not sure if we’ll sub the race for the long run or do both. I PR’ed my 10K after a 7 mile long run, so we’ll see how I feel this week!

What are YOU training for?

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