Up and at ‘Em

Day two of training. Goodness, I love being on a training plan. I don’t have a coach, but having a typed training plan magneted to the fridge makes me work hard and avoid skipping workouts. Is magneted a word? Whatever…it is now!


I promise I wear shoes when I run. I just take them off as soon as I get home. Today I was in a green mood. And I love my SockGuy cow socks. Noel got them for me because I like to moo at cows when I ride my bike. Most of the time they moo back at me!

Easy 5 miles. All four of us had eye doctor appointments in the morning, so I had two options. Get up early and run before everyone else was out of bed. Or wait until the afternoon and run in the heat. I chose cooler temps over sleep. It was my first time to get up and go, and it went surprisingly well. I drank about 4oz of water before heading out the door. I thought about grabbing a Stinger waffle, but just decided to see how it went. By the way, have you tried the new Gingersnap Stinger Waffles? OH MY GOODNESS! They are good. They taste like a gingerbread cookies dipped in honey. Delicious!


I ran through our old neighborhood in the small town near our house. I like big loops, and 5 miles is about as far as you can get without doubling back in this small town. I miss running in the small city where I work, but I didn’t have time to drive that far. Soon I’ll hit up my old routes though! I saw a pair of plastic Billy Bob teeth on the ground during my run. We’ll add that to the list of funny things I’ve found while running.

I didn’t use my run/walk ratio again and had no trouble maintaining an easy 10min/mile pace. I should probably do some reading on how to transition, but setting a pace similar to my overall pace from my run/walk seems to be working well. Part of me wonders if I could manage to hold that pace for an entire half marathon. Hmmm. This girl loves a challenge. Running isn’t fun unless I’m pushing myself!


Here’s the same route, the left one is .5 miles shorter because I didn’t run around the pond to get to 5 miles. Left is 4 minutes run / 1 minute walk and the right is today. Pretty good, huh?

After our appointments, we hit up the pool for the outside lap lane time. Side note: Mark had to get new glasses. He got hard plastic tortoise shell geek style frames. Oh my word…he is CUTE! They’ll be ready in about a week, so you’ll have to wait for pictures. Swimming went well. I was worried I would be tired since I ran early and hadn’t had lunch yet. I managed to swim 300 yards without stopping. Big gains! I’ve got to make it to 400m by August 3rd. It looks like I should easily be able to do that and maybe work on a little form and speed while I’m at it.

Speedwork day tomorrow!

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