Begin Again

I’m channeling Taylor Swift today. Her song “Begin Again” ran through my mind as I got ready for my run this morning. It’s day one of fall half marathon training. I’m using the same plan I used in the spring, but with a couple of tweaks. So in the words of Taylor, let’s “Begin Again!”

I’m going to focus on a few things:

  • No more walk/run on short runs of 5 miles or less. Work on controlling my pace.
  • Stick to XTing. Some days say “XT or rest” and in the spring, I almost always chose rest. No more! My bike is going to see some action, and I’m going to keep up with swimming as well.
  • Weights on short easy run days. I need to get some strength training worked into my plan. This will probably be the toughest thing on this list. I feel so lost in the weight room.
  • I added in one session of speed work per week. I want to break 2:15 so bad!
  • Keep nutrition in check. I have a tendency to treat myself a lot during training. I need to eat more and eat well…not add in extra junk just because I’m allowed extra calories.

The training plan started with an easy 3 miler. Noel was off doing a sprint triathlon this morning, so I took the boys up to my mom’s basement so I could run on the treadmill while they played…err, fought…err, yelled at each other. Summer fight club is in full effect!

I set the treadmill at 6mph and 1% incline. It felt surprisingly easy…proof that I am getting faster. I used to struggle to hit an 11min/mile pace on my mom’s treadmill. Once I hit 2.5 miles, I hit the speed up button once every tenth of a mile, ending at 6.5mph or 9:13min/mile pace. Not using my run/walk was not an issue at all. Just a good, solid treadmill run!


Here’s what I wore. I want to try and take a picture each day of training. I love my workout clothes so I might as well showcase them. I think it’ll make for a fun progression video or something later on. I had already taken my shoes off, but I wore my new Skechers GoRun 3s.


I’m a little in love with these shoes. They are crazy lightweight. The toe box is huge, which is good for my dumb toes that like to get gnarly blisters in certain shoes. The way the shoes are shaped forces you to midstrike. I’m a bit of a heel striker, so this feels a little odd at first but once I get going, it begins to feel natural and good. I usually wear a guidance shoe, but these are just neutral. I thought that might be an issue, but so far in the three runs I have done, my legs and feet feel great.

Tomorrow is a 5 miler. Mondays were always my favorite runs, and I have no doubt that will continue. Noel and I are also going to try and squeeze a swim in. I’m *this close* to signing up for another triathlon later in August.

2 thoughts on “Begin Again

  1. How very very exciting!! What training plan are you using? I need to get back on the road and my goal is to be 1/2 marathon ready by mid-October (Ideally I would like to run the Des Moines 1/2 marathon–however I am not sure if financially it will be the best choice for us!). Either way I have to be ready to run a 15K November 9th! 🙂


    • I’m using the Finish It plan from Train Like a Mother. I really like their plans. They are just challenging enough. I used their 5K Own It plan last fall when I ran my first fast 5K.


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