In a Funk

I’m in a funk. I hate being in a funk. But I hate even more than I can recognize that I’m in a funk and, at the same time, feel powerless to get myself out of said funk.

I’m up 5 pounds because junk food has found it’s way back in my life. I gave up on the run streak because it just wasn’t motivating me. It was stressing me out trying to squeeze in a mile on my normal rest days.

I have no training plan at the moment. I have decided to do a sprint triathlon on August 3rd, and I’m terrified. I haven’t ridden my bike in about 6 months. I’m working on swimming.

I better get my butt in gear. I need to hit the gym, get myself back into the kitchen to make good healthy foods, and get my head back above water.

Thanks for letting me whine. Maybe getting my funk out in the open will help me conquer it. Fingers crossed.

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