Everything Ironman

This post comes to you from Ironman 70.3 Kansas! Exciting stuff! The boys and I are going to root on Noel in tomorrow’s race. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 run. Bring it on!

We got up to Lawrence on Thursday. Noel rode the first 20 miles of the bike course while I SAG’ed him behind in the car. Willie road too, in his thundershirt. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. He started life with us as an excellent car rider and then he just started hating the car for no reason. Shaking uncontrollably, not able to relax. Thundershirt has solved that big time as you can tell.


We spent Thursday night in the inlaws’ trailer. It was a tight squeeze but we made it work.

Friday Noel and I got an easy 2 mile run in. I’m keeping my streak alive even while away from home! We also drove the entire bike course. It’s hilly…lots of rollers. Noel is optimistic though…he likes rolling hills, flying down them and keeping enough speed to help on the next climb.


We got Noel’s packet and I got a new shirt. Yay! We got the boys cowbells too. Hopefully that isn’t a decision we regret. Haha!

We also celebrated National Donut Day. My two favorite holidays in the same week. National Running Day was Wednesday in case you missed it!


This morning we woke up to heavy rain, but thankfully it cleared off before the IronKids fun run started. The boys both “raced.” Mark ran the 1/4 mile loop. We had planned on John running the 1 mile loop with the big kids but he didn’t hear us tell him that so he took off with the 1/2 mile loop group. He was ready to run! They got medals and got to meet a couple of the pros.


The plan for the rest of the day is to hang out, sit on our butts, visit with other athletes, and gear up for the big day tomorrow.

Random side note: I’m on my fifth cup of Caribou Coffee since we got here on Thursday. Please come to Wichita, Caribou. I love you so!

I posted this from my mobile app on my phone. Hopefully the formatting is ok and the pictures aren’t too huge.

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