RWRunStreak Week One = DONE!

Let’s play catch up since I neglected all of you over the weekend!

Monday, May 26th – 3.05 miles
Tuesday, May 27th – 3.01 miles
Wednesday, May 28th – 1.23 miles

Thursday, May 29th – 2.0 miles
I ran the XC course during John’s practice. I came to the conclusion that I might need trail shoes. My ankles were sore afterwards. I’ve got my eyes on some Brooks PureGrits. The new ones just came out, so hopefully the old ones will go on sale soon! John got his uniform at practice. He’s pretty excited to finally have one of these bad boys. They got new ones this season and they are pretty darn sweet. Very streamlined with a modern style.


I forgot to take a picture of my running outfit before we flew out of the house before practice. I wore some Old Navy bottoms that I got for $5 in their spring sale. I wore a top just like this only it was neon orange. I was obnoxious that day for sure! Here I am modeling my new hydration vest. I hope I like it more than my belt and my dreaded evil handheld. The vest is a Nathan Firecatcher. I’ll do a review once I’ve tested it out, and I definitely will with the summer Kansas is shaping up to have.

Friday, May 30th – 3.2 miles
I ran after my morning staff meeting. It was the first time I have run alone in almost a month. It was much needed. I am only 5’3″ and Noel is 6’2″. That makes for a big difference in our run cadence. It was nice to set my own pace and not have any other footfalls in my ears.

I reorganized my running bottoms drawer and found this Nike skirt that I had completely forgotten I had! I love when stuff like that happens. I took this picture after my run, so my faithful companion who misses me terribly any time I leave him for more than 30 seconds is at my feet. Love my Willie dog!

Saturday, May 31st – 6.2 miles
River Run 10K…race report coming tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1st – 1.25 miles
We headed to the pond loop and did two loops. Noel ran with John, who is now the proud owner of a race pace faster than both of his parents. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow with my 10K report. I ran with Willie and Mark. I enjoyed their slow pace…although it wasn’t slow enough for Mark to stop the constant oral diarrhea he’s had lately. The kid talked the entire 15 minutes we were running…non-stop chatter about anything and everything. I thought second children were supposed to be quieter and more soft spoken than oldest children…not true in our case!

I made biscuits and gravy WITHOUT milk for Sunday dinner! I’m lactose intolerant, so I haven’t had this meal in over 2 years. I make my own Bisquick style mix (just flour, shortening, baking powder, and salt) and used almond milk. And for the gravy, I made it the way I always do and just subbed in almond mix as well. LOVE almond milk! My boys were thrilled to have this meal added back into rotation!

Total miles for week one – 19.94
So close to 20 miles!! Not sure I’ll make it to 20 this week because we’ll be heading to Lawrence for Noel’s half Ironman and I’m not sure how motivated I will be to run those hills…haha!

This run streak has done awesome things for my step count! This is the first time on either my FitBit or my Vivofit that I have hit my goal every single day. If I didn’t hit my goal, the days would be blue. I’m really starting to prefer my Vivofit over my Fitbit. I need to do a blog post about activity trackers and my love for them.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to their week! Keep it up, all you streakers!

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