After five hours of signing kiddos up for summer reading, I was ready to RUN tonight. I told Noel this morning that we were going to track practice. Because if you say it in the morning and make a plan, you have to follow through later. Right?

Here’s what I wore. I think I’ll take a picture of my outfit for each of these 40 days of running. I love my running clothes, so I might as well showcase them!


These Nike tanks are one of my favorites. Nike Racer something or other. And I always have a good run in my trusty Under Armour 7″ compression shorts. No booty bounce in these bad boys!

So for Run Streak Day 2, I did a mishmash of speedwork. Noel and I did a half mile warm up. We then did 400s. We were supposed to split into three groups, but it ended up being one big group and one smaller group that knew better. I ran with the second group the first time and then moved up to the first group. I did 4×400, averaging right at 1:57 for all of them. Then we did a 10 minute threshold. I had wasted most of my energy on the 400s, so I didn’t go nearly as fast as I could have. I only made it about 1.1 miles. Then we did 200s. I did three in the middle group. They ended up being races among several of the runners, which was comical to say the least.

It was a great workout. I got to meet several of my Daily Mile friends. It’s so interesting when I meet local DM people. It’s like we’ve known each other for years and it’s like we’ve run together before. It’s such a neat experience. I love my running community…they really do keep me going!

I’ll probably just do an easy mile tomorrow. I have the night shift at the library, which is always crazy busy the first week of summer reading.

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