Sunday Sunday Sunday

No run again today. I thought about it as I was going to bed last night, but then the dog had to pee/poop three times in the night and then puked on my (extra) pillow at 5am. He also pooped in his crate while Noel was at the gym and I was at work…he must love me extra today!


I’ve decided to join the Runner’s World RunStreak! I pledged to run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. 40 days of running. BRING IT ON! I’ll be tracking it on Map My Fitness.


I made pesto today. I wanted to make pesto last week, but my fridge has weird cold spots and the spinach froze and wilted before I got to it. Now I can make a pesto chicken sandwich tomorrow for lunch with the leftovers!

Since the life hack in my last post…the water bottle holder…was so successful (two people in real life told me they are going to do it!), here’s another one for you to try.


Some moms complain about their kids fighting in the summer. Some moms complain about their kids saying “I’m bored.” I can handle both of those, but I quickly tire of “I’m hungry.” I hear that one A LOT since I have boys with two hollow legs. This is our new solution. They both get two bins, one in the fridge and one on the counter. Every morning after breakfast, I fill it with all of the food they can eat between breakfast and dinner. All their snacks and their lunch comes out of the bins. Once the food is gone, they have to wait until dinner. Today was day one, and I think it went well. We didn’t hear “I’m hungry” once and they enjoyed getting to serve themselves from their selection of food. I’m a fan already!

Here’s the list of things we are currently planning on having in rotation:
sandwiches and roll ups – PB and meat/cheese
goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, pretzels
cheese sticks
fruit cups
applesauce pounces
carrots and ranch
clif bars
nature valley bars
fun size candy bars and oreos (Yeah…they get one treat a day too.)

I’ll probably make some homemade stuff once we get the hang of filling the bins every morning. Homemade muffins, oatmeal bars…that sort of thing.


I found booty shorts at Walmart the other day. I haven’t done a test run in them yet, but so far putting them on and dancing/running around the house hasn’t made them ride up. I’ve always wanted to have legs worthy of booty shorts! Running transformed my legs in ways I never imagined. It’s my FAVORITE thing about running!

I think I’ll let myself sink into a book for an hour or so. I haven’t done much reading lately. I’m only about halfway through Dorothy Must Die and I have Dangerous Creatures that I just got off the hold shelf waiting for me!

Happy Sunday!

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