Abs and Water Bottles

No run today. Not really enough time. Of course, I could have gotten up earlier, but I can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep these days. I’m ready for summer wake-up times.

I did do some abs today. Lauren Fleshman’s workout from the latest Runner’s World magazine. I need some serious work on my side planks! I’m going to do an ab challenge for June, before I start my training plan for my October half. I haven’t decided if I want to do the plank challenge that’s floating around Pinterest, or just pledge to do abs every single day…even if it’s just a few planks. I took before pictures.


I know some of that chub/puffiness is going to need some work in the kitchen. I’ve got to cut out the junk. I had my current craving, my favorite Panera salad, last night for dinner at work and then came home and ate a big bowl (probably two servings worth) of Chex Mix and a small handful of chocolate chips. Dumb!

I’m obsessed with this salad. Chicken Cobb with Avocado. I get it without the Gorgonzola cheese, which makes it dairy free. It’s packed with protein…perfect for a recovery meal!


I’m obsessed with this suit. It needed a full length selfie. I had to do some maintenance on the bikini line area otherwise you all probably would have gotten this picture yesterday.



Ok…all you runners, cyclists, triathletes…you need to do this!! We have a small house for the four of us, but our kitchen is decent sized. Lots of counters, which I try to keep clear for cooking and food prep. Like rolling out LOTS of homemade pizza and cinnamon rolls. All of these water bottles used to sit on one section of our counters and were shoved into the cabinet with the rest of our food storage containers. I hated it!

This is just a mesh and canvas shoe organizer from Walmart. It came with hooks to hang over a door, but we didn’t have a door close enough to the kitchen. I just used some heavy duty 3M hooks to hang it on the wall…in the entry way right off the kitchen. Since it’s mesh, I just throw the still damp bottles from the dishwasher in upside down to let them dry. Drying rack and storage rack in one…PERFECT!

I posted this picture on facebook a while back and got several comments about why on earth we needed so many water bottles. So here’s my justification!

From top to bottom…
Blue oval = Noel’s bike bottles. He also takes these to the gym.
Purple oval = My bike bottles. Noel also “borrows” these to use with his handheld holder for his long runs.
Pink ovals = The bottles for my handheld and hydration belt.
Neon green oval = My every day bottles. I take the little ones (14oz) to the gym and the big ones go to work with me. 32oz usually gets me through a 5 hour shift at the library.
Green oval = John and Mark’s bottles.
Orange oval = Noel’s aero bottle for his bike. Our fancy Tervis Tumbler bottles. Noel’s was at work with him. I take mine to work with me on days I don’t run and am not craving water quite as much.
Black oval = Noel’s shakers. He uses these less now that he’s not taking protein powder as much. There’s also two Camelbak bottles there now that my parents’ brought back for us from their Cali national park trip.

See!! They all have a purpose!! It’s always good to have two of each because undoubtedly one is always in the dishwasher. As you can tell, there’s a few bottles missing from this picture. I tried to get a pic with them all it, but I don’t like doing dishes THAT much.

Alright…off to get dressed to meet my man for lunch. Last day of school for our family!!

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