Sunday in Pictures

I got to run today! WOOHOO! And my foot didn’t hurt! I still have a little hot spot on the outer edge, opposite of where the arch hurts, which is weird. But it really only hurts if I step hard on that side of my foot or if I push on it, so I guess I just won’t push on it…haha!

I ran with this guy…



…and we wore neon.


We also wore our new Qalo rings. They are made of a durable silicone. They fit your finger snugly, yet allow for stretching and swelling during workouts. They were created by two husbands who didn’t like having to remove their traditional wedding bands when their active lifestyle required it.

I’ve worn mine for four days now and it’s held up great. I like that I never have to take it off. I wear it in the shower, to sleep in, and to run in. I usually can’t sleep in my ring because my fingers swell just a little when I sleep and my rings feel snug. I can’t wear my ring when I run for the same reason. The ring is so lightweight that I forget it’s there. Noel has worn his ring on a bike ride, a run, and during a swim. He’s a big fan already! The ring comes in a few other colors, including purple. The company donates a portion of the sale of every purple ring to the Alliance for Lupus Research. My mama has lupus, so I am a fan of any company that supports lupus research.

After our run, I made lunch and went to work. I haven’t been to work since Monday because of John being sick. I am so behind, but I think I’ll be able to catch up. I made a good to-do list and I’m ready to tackle it this week. Summer reading starts in a week…crazy librarian time!


Today’s work day was brought to you by Tervis. Coffee and water…my two favorite liquids.



I finally got to wear this shirt today. I was a walking advertisement for Another Mother Runner. Noel got me this shirt along with my 13.1 necklace after I finished my half. I haven’t worn it since because it felt wrong to wear it on a day I didn’t really RUN.


And just because it’s cute. Here’s my new little wristlet. I love wristlets and I have a few of them, but none of them were big enough for my new massive Samsung Galaxy S5. I snagged this little cutie at Target for about 12 bucks! It’s peach neon!

I hope everyone else had a good Sunday! I’ve got high hopes for this week!!

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