Hurt or Injured?

Noel asked me yesterday if I was hurt or injured.


I replied that my foot hurt. He went on to explain that there was a difference between being hurt and being injured. Being injured is bad. You can’t do what you want to do. Being hurt simply means you can still do what you want to do, you just need to do it easy.

So, I guess I’m in the middle. I’m nine days out from the half and I still have yet to run. My legs feel fantastic, maybe a little on the tight side. I haven’t been stretching since I haven’t been running. Dumb move on my part. I have moments where I’m just walking around the house and I actually forget that my foot isn’t 100%. There are long chunks of the day where I have no pain, but sometimes I still step just right and the shooting achy pain is there.


Typing up my race report yesterday caused me to go over again…for perhaps the 1,000th time…what I think went wrong with my foot. I ran 286 training miles with absolutely no foot issues, so what happened in those 13.1 miles that messed all that up. I still think these bad boys are to blame. The saying “Nothing new on race day” apparently applies to everything…including socks. Noel wears Feetures and they had a buy 3, get one free special at the half expo. So he got three and I got one. These ones have major arch support in them and I think it might have been too much and caused my foot to cramp, which caused the tendon stress. I’m afraid to wear them again. I think I’ll stick with my low drop shoes and plain ole Sock Guy socks.

I’ve done one moderate workout on the elliptical and taken Willie dog on two 1.5 mile walks in the past nine days. Going from running 25 miles a week to running 0 miles a week is making me feel like a lazy blob.

Although this guy, who takes his walks very seriously and won’t look at the camera during one, is enjoying the extra attention. I need to do a post about how Willie came to be in our family. I love my doggie.


He and I walked around the pond near the elementary school where John is in first grade and Mark has walk-in speech therapy appointments twice a week. Beautiful day today!


And then we came home and I made my usual lunch. Meals like this have kept me from gaining any weight during this absence from training.


Chicken, pan fried in the tiniest bit of oil…just enough to keep it from sticking. Quinoa cooked in chicken broth and steamed broccoli. Oh…and a tiny bit of Ott’s Honey Mustard on the chicken. LOVE honey mustard!

And since this blog is called NEON Runner Girl, here’s my neon for the day. Shout out to GoRun who keeps me stocked in running shoes, running tops, compression sleeves, 13.1 stickers, and plenty of Stinger cherry cola chews!


Please excuse the lack of make-up. It’s my day off!

Did you get to run today? Brag about it!

Do YOU wear NEON?!

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