Weekly Wishes #3

Last Week’s Wishes…

  • BLOG!
  • Call and schedule doctor appointments for the boys. Every year I drag my feet more and more. I don’t even think they need shots this year.
  • Ride my bike. We replaced our bike rack that someone stole half of off my car last fall. I need to pick one of the days that Blue has school and bring my bike in even for just a little 10mi ride. If not this week, then definitely next week. Cross training does the body good!

NOPE! I got none of these done. The only accomplishment I made in reference to these wishes is that I brought my bike into the house and put her outside pedals on. I’m clutsy and still can’t handle clipless pedals. Good thing I’m a runner, because I’d make a terrible triathlete.


This Week’s Wishes…

  • BLOG!
  • Call and schedule doctor appointments for the boys.
  • Mentally prepare myself for the half-marathon taper. It’s coming. 12 mile run tomorrow and then nothing over 8 until May 4th.
  • Win the April spending challenge my husband made with me. Whoever can spend the least amount on extras (Groceries and necessary household items don’t count. Eating out does!) gets a reward that we request of the other (dishes for a week, a run date…something non-monetary for the other). We have written our requests and put them inside sealed envelopes. I’m curious to know what his request is!


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