Consumer Mom Tuesday – My Make-Up!

Today on Consumer Mom Tuesday we are going to talk about something that most women enjoy…MAKE-UP! My love affair with make-up has been very on again off again my entire life. I was drawn to it as a teenager and thanks to a Mary Kay lady for a mom I had a lot of help learning how to wear it correctly. In high school, I wore it for fun from time to time. In college, I didn’t bother with it, outside of mascara and the occasional full face for a fun event. As a young mom, I didn’t have time. It wasn’t until after Blue was born that I started wearing it regularly.

I’ve tried lots of different brands and different formulations through the years. I’ve used liquid foundation, cream to powder foundation, and mineral powder foundation. I’ve messed around with eye liner and bronzer. After a lot of trial and error, I settled on my current routine. So here it is, my daily make-up routine for the active mom who likes to look polished, yet natural.

A good make-up routine starts with a good skin care routine. Since having the boys and starting running, I have developed some adult acne, especially on my forehead and chin. I tried over-the-counter acne creams and cleansers with little success. My mom suggested I try out Mary Kay’s new Clear Proof line. It cleared my face up within a week! I’ve never had anything work so well.

Consumer Mom Tuesday - My Make-Up!

So my routine starts in the shower with the Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel, which I didn’t take a picture of because it’s in my shower. But here’s my naked before face.

Consumer Mom Tuesday - My Make-Up!

I start by spot treating my t-zone with the Clear Proof Pore-Purifying Serum. I also put a small amount of Clear Proof Oil-Free Moisturizer on my cheeks, because my skin is ridiculous and combination. My t-zone is as oily as an awesome cheeseburger and my cheeks are as dry as dried minced onions. Yeah…we had burgers for dinner the night I wrote this post…can you tell?


Then I apply Mary Kay’s new CC Cream, blending it over my whole face. It’s AWESOME. I’ve tried tinted moisturizers in the past, but the texture was always off and the coverage wasn’t quite enough. CC Cream is the best of both worlds. It’s so smooth and gives just enough coverage to cover my blotchiness and uneven skin tone spots. AND it has broad spectrum SPF15.

Consumer Mom Tuesday - My Make-Up!

And here’s the after with just CC Cream on.


Then comes my favorite part…eye make-up! I never perfected eyeliner, so about six months ago I finally gave up. Instead I switched to eye crayons. Mary Kay’s @Play line is excellent. I have almost every shade they’ve ever made. My current favorite is the new Teal Me More. I put a thick line on my upper lid at the lash line and a small smudge line in the outer corner of my bottom lash line. A swipe of mascara on my top lashes, and my eyes are done. I’ve used Maybelline classic mascara FOREVER. It’s my favorite stuff. I switch my mascara out every four months and I can stock up on Maybelline with coupons. Plus, they make my favorite shade…brownish black.

Consumer Mom Tuesday - My Make-Up!

My blush routine is new…ok, very new. I just got this stuff (Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick) last Monday, but I am hooked. I love any kind of make-up that resembles a crayon. No brushes to keep track of and clean weekly. I put a swipe on each cheek, like a football player, and then smudge it with my fingers.


I’m a lip gloss lover, so I have oodles of it. I have just about every shade of Maybelline BabyLips, every flavor of EOS, and a couple Mary Kay lipglosses. This is my current favorite. I finally tracked it down at Walgreens. The tiny little mini tub is SOOOO CUTE! Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips…get some!

Consumer Mom Tuesday - My Make-Up!

And now here’s the final product! It probably takes me less time to apply it all than it did for you to read this post. I feel pretty when I have my face done like this. Now that I’ve regularly been doing my make-up, I feel naked when I forget it. Oh the trials of being a woman/girl!


If anyone is interested in Mary Kay and doesn’t have a Mary Kay lady, my mama is awesome! Here’s her website. She didn’t even give me any free product to put that plug in here. 🙂

What are your favorite products? Do you like to play with new stuff or are you a creature of habit?
Do you wear make-up every day? How long is your routine?
Do you have mom acne too?

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