Weekly Wishes #1

I decided to join in this link-up for goal setting. Six Cherries On Top is the blog where I found it. Joni’s blog is super cute…you should check it out! She’s a fellow mother runner.

Since I don’t have any “last week’s wishes” to update on. Here’s my goals and challenges for this week.

  • Create an allowance chart for the boys. They’ve been begging for an allowance and I think it’s time. We figured we would make a chart and they could each earn a maximum of $2.50 each week for doing their regular chores. Of course, I reminded both of them that if we start this, it means the end to small treats here and there at the store. They will have to buy their own little treats from now on.
  • Make a Frozen ringtone for my phone. I use this tutorial that I found on Pinterest to make a ringtone from my favorite song snippet. I am obsessed with Let It Go…just like every other mom on the planet. 🙂
  • Spending freeze! It’s Spring Break so this will be TOUGH. I am not allowing myself to buy anything other than food or other household necessities.
  • Read two books. I’m so far behind on my 75 books for the year challenge.
  • Call and schedule a haircut for myself. Oh man…the mop is getting a bit unruly!
  • Take the boys and their bikes to the park. I have been promising them this FOREVER. It’s time mama made good on her promise.
  • Heal my shin splints. My 10 mile run caused a bit of damage. My left shin is tender and sore. Walking and elliptical until Thursday when I’ll do a slow test run. Fingers crossed I can still get my big 12 mile run this coming Friday.


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