How Do You Do It? – Sometimes You Don’t

I love that the last post I did was about time management. Because for the last two weeks, I have struggled to juggle everything. So here’s my excuses… Blue turned five on the 28th, so we were busy for about three days preparing for birthday festivities. On top of that, work was crazy. I had a big program the first Saturday of the month. Planning this big super Saturday events at the library is akin to planning a wedding. And on top of all of that, Daddy Man and my training plans have increased. I’m up to running 24+ miles per week, including my first 9-miler on Blue’s birthday. Daddy Man has his first big brick workout this weekend. It’s non-stop swim, bike, run around our house.

Ok…so there’s my excuses. Oh wait, there’s a couple more… The past week was spent playing catch-up. The laundry piled up and I was forced to use overflow tubs. It was clean, but not put away. The sink always seemed to have dishes in it, but at least I was keeping up with cooking and we weren’t eating take-out every night.

So how do I do it? Sometimes I don’t. And thanks OK. Sometimes the laundry piles up for the sake of extra family time or extra miles in my running shoes. Sometimes the dishes don’t get done, but Daddy Man and I get an extra hour to watch TV together and go to bed early.

I have lots of fun things planned for the blog. I just need to get them out of my head and onto the computer screen. Lots of run stuff to share. Lots of funny things my kids have said or done. Stay tuned!

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