A Look Ahead – Week 8

First things first, this happened this morning:


Brown has been acting out a bit lately, both at home and school. Daddy Man and I finally figured out it was because he wasn’t getting enough attention. He’s our easy kid…good at doing things for himself, a good not-picky eater, mostly independent. We forget that he’s still just six years old and craves our attention. A 3 mile Sunday morning run with mama fixed that right up. And isn’t he the cutest thing in his little tights, running shorts, and shoes! Love this kid! He is a natural born runner. I can’t wait to see everything he can accomplish in running shoes!

Now let’s see…what do I have to do this week…

Tomorrow is what Blue calls a “Family Day.” No one works. No one has school. We have no plans yet. Daddy Man and I both have a 5 mile run, which we can hopefully do together. We don’t get to run together very often. I owe Brown a new running outfit from when he had strep throat and had to get an antibiotic shot, so we can go run stuff shopping, which is just about my favorite thing to do.

Tuesday is usually my off day, from both running and work, but I have a workplace violence seminar that I have a horrible feeling that I will forget about. I set an alarm on my phone, so hopefully that will help!

The rest of the week is business as usual. My long run this week is 8 miles. The weather is supposed to be wonderful all week, so I’m hoping I can do all of my runs outside. Maybe I can even get a 10 mile XTing bike ride outside.

And of course, I will try to get all of my blog posts done! I hope everyone has a great week!!

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