Trying something new

Ok folks…

I am tired of the sporatic blog posts that have been happening around here lately. I need some direction, so I’ve created themes for each day of the week and I’m hoping I can stick to them. I have all these ideas in my head and I think of them will fit into these categories/themes.
HDYDI? – How do you do it?
I get asked this all the time. How do I juggle everything? Work, running, kids, husband, house. I’ll post recipes, household tips, organization tips…that kind of thing.
Consumer Mom
I know we are not supposed to be material. I know we are not supposed to base our self worth on the amount of stuff we have. But, darn it, I like to shop! I like trying new products. I REALLY like workout gear. I’ll use this day to post reviews or check-this-out posts of stuff I’ve purchased recently.
Not So Wordless Wednesdays
I’ll post funny things my kids did for the week. And since I’m not good at not using words…it’ll be not-so-wordless.
Runnerd, Geek Out!
I LOVE to talk about running. I’ll share my tips, my gear recommendations, and my annecdotes about running.
Let’s Relax!
Friday is currently my long run day, but after that is my official RELAX day. I’m an avid reader and a big TV/movie/Netflix fan. Here I’ll share what I’m reading and what I’m watching.
Week in Review
Self explanatory.
A Look Ahead
It’s more for me than you. A look ahead at my week. This will force me to sit down every Sunday with my calendar and see what I have to do. It could be entertaining as well when I realize I have to do certain things that week that I wasn’t expecting.
How does that sound? Good? Good.

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