Consumer Mom Tuesday: Tervis Water Bottles!

Last year, I read about a study done on water consumption by Americans. It was conducted by the CDC and it really surprised me. 43% of American adults drink less than four cups of water per day, 36% of which drink between one and three cups and 7% drink none. NONE?! None…no water at all…all day long. Seriously…how are they surviving? On pop, coffee, sports drinks, and tea probably. Only 22% drink eight or more cups per day. (A cup is 8oz of water…just for reference sake.)

One of the things that I did way back when I started this weight loss journey was to cut out pop. I still have the occasional can of Coke…my favorite soda. And when we go out to eat, I will sometimes indulge in a fountain drink. I’m also a big coffee drinker, but in the last year I have cut myself down to 1 cup per day, with the occasional afternoon pick-me-up. I also occasionally will hit up Quick Trip for a half and half sweet tea. So…I’m not perfect on water consumption. But I am usually in that 22% listed above, in addition to my coffee and occasional pop indulgence.

Since I started running though, water has become a vital part of my nutrition plan. If I skimp on the water over the weekend, my Monday runs are tough. I have to be diligent to stay hydrated, especially on my rest days when my thirst cues aren’t always as apparent. I use two tools to help me remember to drink water.

One of them is my FitBit which has a water tracker on it. I’ve got a blog post in the works on living the FitBit life. The other tool is my Tervis water bottles.

I’d take pictures of the actual water bottles, but they are in the dishwasher. My Runner Girl one has a pink lid, because the first time I used it, I dropped it walking out the door. It hit the baseboard of our front door just right and cracked all to pieces. Thankfully you can buy new lids. Don’t drop your Tervis water bottle!

They hold 20oz, so three of these puppies will get you pretty darn close to your daily recommended water intake. But my favorite thing about them is that they seal. You can shake them, turn them upside down, and throw them in a tote bag and they won’t leak! I also like the hole on the lid. I can hook a finger in it and still manage to carry all of the rest of my stuff and my kids stuff to and from the car.

So hit up and check out all their fun designs. Bed Bath & Beyond also carries them in their stores. If you like the owl one above snatch it up SOON at BB&B. It’s discontinued by Tervis and they will no longer be making it.

Here’s the other two I am lusting over. And maybe one with 13.1 on it after May 4th. 🙂

Disclaimer: I was not provided with these products for the sake of a review. I purchased them or received them as a gift from a family member or friend.

1 thought on “Consumer Mom Tuesday: Tervis Water Bottles!

  1. I find that having a good water bottle is the key to water drinking! I drink a LOT more water with my water bottles than if I just had a cup of water. Plus, I can chug a bottle of water and know I drank 20 oz! My husband got a Tervis for Christmas and it is a LOT like the ones I have! Just not as cute! 🙂 When I was on bed rest and they were telling me to drink double or triple the amount of water I *thought* I should be drinking I would fill up 3 of my 20oz. water bottles–drink them–and re-fill them. It was a great way to monitor my intake! 🙂


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