Random Monday

So far all of my posts have been about a certain topic. Today you get a day-in-the-life-random-me post.

I am now the proud owner of bras and underwear that actually fit. I’m telling ya…when I started losing weight, I didn’t really think that eventually I would have to replace my entire wardrobe from head to toe. I went from a size 38C bra to a size 32C bra. Actually, according to the lady who measured me at Victoria’s Secret, I’m a 30C…a size which doesn’t exist except at specialty stores. I got 32Cs and just hook them on the tightest hook. My feet shrunk too. I wear a whole size smaller than I used to wear. In the words of my mama…”well huh.”

I took Blue to Build-a-Bear today. It was my penance for dragging him to Victoria’s Secret. I told him that he could pick out one of the Small Fry stuffed animals. I almost had him sold on the cute little monster one, even telling him he could get the one-eyed one for his brother. But he looked up at me with his little puppy eyes and said, “But Mommy, those ones are already made. I want to make a bear and put a heart that I fill with love in it.” So this happened…


Could you say no to this face? Didn’t think so. He named her Rainbow. He was very adamant that she was a girl. She even had to have hot pink bows for her ears. I asked him if she was going to be Black Bear’s girlfriend. He told me, “I don’t know. Black Bear hasn’t met her yet. I don’t know if he will even like her.” Seriously…I birthed a comedian.

I got to run outside today. I hadn’t run outside since the Frosty 5K on New Year’s Day. No wonder my body was craving that vitamin D so badly. It was a glorious 4 miles. I could have gone more, but I wanted to get home and watch Downton Abbey. Disturbing episode, but I think it will all turn out right in the end. That’s the way it is with Downton. They break our hearts and then bring us back up. It’s a roller coast ride.

A couple of blogs I read always end with questions, so here goes nothing…

Do you wear the right size bra?

Tell the truth, you love BaB too, right?

Downton fan, yes or no?

1 thought on “Random Monday

  1. OMG, that FACE! He is so adorable!

    I.. probably do not wear the right size of bra. At my heaviest I was a 36D and now the bra that best fits me is a 32A. Seriously. 36D to 32A. I about cried when I put that bra on. Here's a TMI confession: I actually wear sports bras more than regular bras because they're so much more comfortable. I really should get measured just to see what size I should be wearing.


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