2014 Goals

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. For years, I made the resolution to get healthy and lose weight. It never worked. I was only successful once I stopped over thinking it, stopped seeing it as a diet, and stopped seeing working out as another chore to add to my list. I made a lifestyle change for good…not a resolution.

Instead, I will make goals and I have a lot of them for 2014.

1. Run 1,000 miles. This should be easy once you read the next one.
2. Run two 10Ks and two half marathons.
3. One indoor and one outdoor triathlon.
4. Bike 500 miles.
5. Continue the hunt for the sub-30 min 5K PR.

My training for the first of the two half marathons begins in two weeks. I’m nervous, excited, and ready to rock!

I’ve got some other non-fitness related goals too.

1. Be happy with what I’ve got. I have enough stuff.
2. Try new foods. Quinoa and spaghetti squash are both high on my list.
3. Read 75 books. I fell 5 books short last year.
4. Become a LunaPads Ambassador.
5. Get a puppy…maybe.

I toast my Tervis water bottle to the year 2014. It’s gonna be awesome!

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