That Couple

Daddy Man called me in a panic this morning. He couldn’t find his Garmin. He thought he had it in his gym bag, but when he dug through it, it was missing, along with his road ID. He asked me to look in his bike helmet…no Garmin.

I searched through the whole house, checking all the spots he usually leaves it. It wasn’t in the pile of winter running gloves, headbands, and hats drying on top of the dryer. It wasn’t in the basket on his dresser that holds his extra gloves, Bondi Bands, heart rate monitor strap, and extra shoe laces. It wasn’t in the basket on my dresser with my heart rate monitor strap, swim goggles, handheld water bottle, extra Tifosi lenses, and the rest of my running/biking/swimming accoutrements. It wasn’t on the kitchen counter where our Garmin chargers hang out. (Why can’t they use the same charger? Why, Garmin? Why?) And it wasn’t on the kitchen table with last weekend’s discarded race bib still attached to his race belt.

After I had searched everywhere, I stopped to laugh. We really are that couple. Daddy Man referred to us as such on our summer trip to Manhattan, KS, where he competed in the Apple Triathlon. We spent the entire two hour trip talking about running, biking, swimming, our goals for racing, our training, and our love of this sport. It felt normal, like conversations like that always happened between us. We were so into our conversation that we missed our exit and had to go 20 minutes out of our way. Daddy Man turned to me and said, “We are that couple. Aren’t we?”

He meant…that athletic couple. The couple that runs together, bikes together, swims together, races together. And man, does it feel good! I never thought of myself athletic, but now everywhere I turn people are asking me for workout advice, running advice, and gear advice. They tell me how good I look, how tone my body is. Me? Toned?

Even though I was frustrated at the missing Garmin, I smiled at the thought of being that couple. I’m thankful I married an athletic boy who inspired and brought the athletic girl in me to the surface.

I was about to take a break from searching when I thought to go back to the helmet. His helmet was empty, but hanging on the same hook next to it was my helmet. We are that couple after all. And nestled inside, next to my cold weather biking gloves, was his Garmin and his road ID. Whew…crisis averted.

Thanks, Daddy Man, for being that couple with me!

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