Jingle Bell Run – Race Report

And I thought the Turkey Trot was cold! As we headed to Exploration Place, I checked the temperature. The wind chill was -7! Brrrrrrrr! On the plus side, we didn’t have to wait outside in the cold before the race started. We hung out inside the nice heated Exploration Place lobby until literally two minutes before the race started. And we were off for our 4 mile run!

The first mile flew by and then Brown hollered that his shoe was slipping off his foot. Daddy Man bent down to retie it only to have Brown’s entire shoelace come off in his hand. I had strung jingle bells through the last loop of his shoestring and it had rubbed through the entire lace! NuhNuh was right behind us and rigged his shoestring by tying a knot in the broken place. We only lost about 3-4 minutes with the pit stop, but it took me a bit to warm back up after it.

Brown got a stitch in his side at about 2.5 miles and we had to take two walk breaks and get him to stretch and deep breathe it out. Our boy is a trooper for sure! We picked up the pace after the mile 3 marker and finished the last mile with an under 11min/mile pace. Daddy Man and I hung back and let our boy sprint to the finish. The photographer got a pretty great shot. The look on Daddy Man’s face says it all…pure pride and joy!



And here’s me, grinning like an idiot. Gosh, I love running! And check out my awesome new Reebok cold weather running outfit. Yay Black Friday shopping! I got two compliments on it. Underneath it is my purple Target C9 cold weather running outfit. It was THAT cold! The thing that really saved me was the hand warmers shoved into my gloves. Those things are worth their weight in gold!

The finish line ended at the Exploration Place side doors, so we walked right back into the warmth and headed straight for the hot chocolate, coffee, donuts, bagels, and fruit. We definitely got our money’s worth there. We decided to go ahead and head home, but Daddy Man decided to check the results print outs for our official time. We then realized that Brown had gotten first in his age group! (So what if he was first of only two!) We hung around for the awards and our big picked up his second hardware of his six month running career!
Brown and his medal!
Brown and his NuhNuh!

1 thought on “Jingle Bell Run – Race Report

  1. Hey there! So I'm checking out your blog and noticing that we have been at a LOT of the same races! We need to meet up for one soon! Are you doing any of the Hangover Half Challenge on New Year and NYE? I'll be at all three.


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