Say Grace 5K – Race Report

I made someone cry during this race. I hope it’s not the last time it happens, but I hope it’s the last time I make this certain person cry at a race. I made Brown, my little runner man, cry. I’ll explain.

I hadn’t run a fast race in a while and I was feeling the itch. I shared this idea with Daddy Man who encouraged me to head closer to the front of the pack. I waved him off and said I would just start with them. He assumed that meant I had decided to not go fast and just stay with them. Well…I guess I changed my mind about half a mile into the race and I turned the jets on. I kept a steady 10min/mile pace for the last portion of the race and tried to sprint to the end but I was out of gas. It just wasn’t my day. I crossed the finish line in a little over 32 minutes (31:39 is my PR), grabbed a bottle of water, and found a spot to watch my boys and Mom finish. I figured they were only a couple of minutes behind me. I waited…and waited. Finally I saw Mom. She finished in a little over 35 minutes. Then I saw my guys. Daddy Man had a scowl on his face and Brown just looked crestfallen. Uh oh.

When I took off, Brown tried to stay with me and couldn’t. Daddy Man said he just fell apart. He walked a lot. His usually 11min/mile pace was non-existent. When I found them on the other side of the finish line, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Mom, I thought you were going to run with me.” Heartbroken.

I made him a promise that I would run the rest of the races this year with him. I don’t need to run fast. I don’t need to push my pace. I will run with my son, who makes running fun every single time. My little runner man in his new Brooks Pureflows, just like Daddy Man’s shoes.

Of course, a blueberry muffin and a Double Gobble medal around his neck perked Brown right up. We all got Double Gobble medals for completing the Turkey Trot and the Say Grace 5K.

After the run, we all went home, got Thanksgiving dinner in the oven, and tucked in for a well deserved big meal.

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