Turkey Trot 2 Mile – Race Report

One word – Brrrrrrr….

I’ve been running seriously for six months now. Every season is new to me. Summer was good. Long hours to run. Daddy Man was on summer break, so childcare wasn’t an issue. The heat was sometimes an issue, but running earlier in the day was usually good. Fall was awesome. Perfect temperatures. Beautiful scenic views. My already favorite time of year got even better. Winter….brrrrrr….. I’m still learning how to dress. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t. I think I did pretty good at the 39th annual Turkey Trot in Wichita. This is what I wore for the 2 mile run.

  • Underwear. Victoria’s Secret seamless Pink hipsters. If you have to wear underwear, these are great.
  • C9 fleece-lined running tights from Target
  • Boot-cut compression pants from Old Navy
  • Two pairs of my running socks
  • C9 basic tank from Target
  • C9 fleece-lined long sleeve running turtleneck top
  • Quarter-zip fleece pullover from Old Navy that I bought the day before as a splurge item at $12. Best $12 I’ve spent in a while. That thing saved me from freezing my booty off!
  • My new Saucony wind mittens that my awesome sister-in-law sent as an early Christmas gift.
  • fleece-lined headband

That’s a lot of stuff for a small 2-mile run. But I ended up being on the course for 30 minutes, so the extra layers were welcome. I didn’t PR, but my 4 year old did. Blue ran with me! My tiny little man ran 2 miles! I was so proud of him. He took maybe three 30 second walk breaks. And it wasn’t until about 1.7 miles into it that he admitted to being tired and asking how much further. But once he saw the finish line, he took off and finished with a smile.

The Turkey Trot had an extra bonus this year. The first 2000 registered runners got a coupon from a free Honeysuckle White turkey that we picked up at the finish line. Daddy Man, Brown and I were all registered, so we brought home three birds. When I heard about the turkeys, I envisioned small 8-10lbs turkeys. Oh no…these suckers are each over 15lbs! I’ve never cooked a whole turkey before. I guess I have three chances now to perfection my method.


The best finish photo yet!

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