Mustache Dash 5K – Race Report

The mustache obsession is sweeping the nation. I don’t really understand it, but I will gladly participate in it. I will admit to drawing a mustache on the outside of my and my sons’ pointer fingers and taking silly pictures, collapsing in giggles. It’s funny.

Add running with mustaches, and you’ve got something that I would find VERY fun. So naturally when I heard about the Mustache Dash 5K, put on by the KC Running Company, I signed up immediately. I’m not sure if they assigned bibs based on when you signed up or by last name, but I was number 2 and Daddy Man was number 3. I secretly pretended I was a professional athlete at Kona for the entire race…ok…not really.

My mom signed up as well, being the badass grandmother runner that she is. She found pink mustaches in the toy section of our supermarket. Pink mustaches = Tough Girl Tutu! It was the first race in my tutu and it made it that much more fun. I might have to get a Christmas themed race tutu for our December races.

I decided to run with Mom during this race. Mom does not claim to be a runner. She likes to think of herself as a cyclist with a wogging hobby. Wog = the hybrid of running and jogging. Jogging is an evil word…I don’t think jogging. I like running. I digress.

Daddy Man’s brother ended up running with us as well. A true family affair. He was in town from NY for his and Daddy Man’s uncle’s funeral the day before. Funerals are sad and death is depressing, but seeing family that we don’t see often is always a good thing.

Daddy Man, Daddy Man’s Brother, and Brown take off and kept a steady 11 min pace. Mom and I held closer to a 12 min pace. She walked a couple places and I shuffled along side her. Mom can walk FAST. The course was fun. It circled the Old Town district in Wichita and did the small loop around Exploration Place.

I ended up crossing the finish line in just over 35 minutes, about 30 seconds ahead of Mom and about a minute behind Daddy Man, Daddy Man’s Brother, and Brown. A nice Saturday morning run for yours truly. And very enjoyable because I got to do it wearing a tutu and a pink mustache.

Our mustache’d crew!

Blue got to hang with Pa (my dad) while the rest of us ran. Those two are cut from the same cloth. They went to McDs for breakfast “beedos” (burritos). And then got donuts from Flying Donuts for us to enjoy post race.

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